Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Erotic Romance Week on Varkat!

Lucienne Diver is exploring the definitions of erotic romance, erotica and romantica during Erotic Romance week on her blog. Guests include Jasmine Haynes, Jane Lockwood and Crystal Jordan. The party's already started, so make sure to check it out soon. There are plenty of giveaways to be had and red-hot love scenes to be discussed!
Click here for Varkat Live Journal.

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The Knight Agency blog is a great resource for information about publishing in general. It is also the hub of information for all that is transpiring through the agency and often the publishing world. We announce chats, news, deals, and have guest bloggers, agent reflections, and much more (with the occasional funny anecdote). Two of our agents, Nephele Tempest and Lucienne Diver, also have active blogs that host events such as "Urban Fantasy Week," spotlight authors and give unique insight into the agenting world.
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