Wednesday, October 10, 2007

TKA CHAT with Melissa Mayhue Tomorrow Evening

We've got one sizzling chat planned for this month. Melissa Mayhue is swinging by to answer all of your questions on October 11th from 7-8pm EST. If you haven't had a chance be sure to read her debut novel THIRTY NIGHTS WITH A HIGHLAND HUSBAND. It's a perfect blend of magic and romance. In the meantime, to learn more about Melissa’s upcoming titles, be sure to stop by her website

To Enter the chat tomorrow:

*To enter the chat room, follow this link (, enter a screen name and simply select “login.”

*Rules of Play: To keep things organized, the chats are all moderated. The moderator will begin by posting the following rules of play: when you have a question, simply type a “?” and the moderator will keep a list and call on you when it is your turn.

*Chat tips:
Always check the blog for any last minute announcements concerning the chat.
When waiting on your turn, type your question in Word or another application so when it is your turn you only have to copy and paste. (Keeps the chat running smoothly)
Click on any screen name in the list to open a Private Message conversation (a lot like AIM).


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