Wednesday, November 07, 2007

It's already morning?!?

Morning everyone in Knight Agency-Land! I'm up (sorta, I'm sitting down), I've got a cup of coffee (good for you, since most of my post has the possibility of being coherent) and I'm doing my first stint as a guest blogger for TKA.

I'm not sure whose idea this was, since my life is wildly boring (only my characters are interesting), but, oddly enough, I actually have a fun day planned, and I have some exciting news to share about a trip Liz Allison--my writing partner for the NASCAR books--and I will be taking at the end of the month.

After I get back from the gym (I gotta work off those Doritos I constantly shove in my mouth when I'm stressed about a book), I'm headed to the beach! I live in South Carolina, but I live, you guessed it, NOT at the beach. But a few author friends of mine have rented a waterfront house in Isle of Palms (a small island near Charleston), and I'm spending the day with them, writing and hopefully catching sight of the hunky, shirtless jogger they've been bragging about seeing every morning.

So, next time I update, I'll do so from there, possibly with my feet in the sand. A big change from the messy desk in my kitchen where I normally spend the day with my laptop. I'll take my camera and send pictures.

In the meantime, I'll give you a hint about where Liz and I are going: what's going on in New York at the end of the month that brings a lot of horsepower to the city?

Until later, I'm off to sweat...


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