Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Amazing One-Size-Fits-All Holiday Gift!

Looking for a present this holiday season that will please even the grumpy Ebenezer Scrooges in your life? Short on time and money? Consider the book. From fishing to fine china, I challenge you to name one subject a book doesn't cover. It’s the perfect one-size-fits-all present for ages 0 thru 102 (they've got audio and giant-sized print for those whose sight isn't what it used to be and parental units can help out the kiddies…it’s never too early to start prepping your future Einstein).
In an effort to bolster sales in the flagging economy, many publishers and retailers have launched inventive advertising campaigns to rally support for the book industry. One of the largest promotions is Random House's "Books Equal Gifts." IndieBound and are also jumping into the mix with their own spin on why books make the perfect present.
So why do you think books make great gifts? Below are a few reasons from to get your synapses clicking.
--It comes fully charged
--You can buy 10 hardcover books for the price of an iphone
--Costs less than a movie (with popcorn)
--Around the same price as a DVD, but the experience lasts much longer
--It can change someone's life
--It can make someone laugh
--It's a thoughtful gift
--One-stop shopping—your bookstore has the right gift for everyone on your list
--It weighs much less than a fruitcake
--It's easy to wrap

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