Thursday, September 07, 2006

Shout Out to 3 Day Supporters!

Just wanted to give a nod out to the folks who are supporting our 3 Day Walk for Breast Cancer: Team Parallel Heat! We have been giving away some pretty cool prizes (ok, I'm biased) in exchange for donations to our team. Here's who's won and what's left to get your hands on! Time is of the essence, folks! Donations need to ideally be in September 20th! So, if you are on the fence, let me just tell you how incredible these opportunities are. THEY ARE INCREDIBLE! Seriously, I have seen these ladies work on critiques and with winners from other charity auctions (Brenda Novak...), and wow do they put in 500% of their time and effort. You won't regret getting this type of personal attention from Deidre and Elaine. Their hearts are in this, and fortunately for you, so is their mad agenting skilz.

So, here's our winners so far:

3 Chapter Critique with Elaine Spencer: Traci Yates-Poff, Robyn Grady, & Edie Ramer

3 Chapter Critique and phone consultation with Deidre Knight: Gail Reinhart & ?????

That ???? could be you! That's right! We have one consult/critique left! Lookie what else we got though...

1. A THIRTY MINUTE PHONE CONSULTATION WITH DEIDRE KNIGHT--AND ACCOMPANYING THREE CHAPTER CRITIQUE--we offered up two of these, and one remains. For the first person to donate $750 to either Julie Ramsey or Elaine Spencer, you'll receive this fabulous prize!

2. A DAY WITH THE KNIGHT AGENCY!!!!! This is our big grand prize, gang. You will be flown into Atlanta, picked up by the TKA crew, and brought to our offices to spend a day with us. See how an agency works, from the inside out. Receive careeer counseling and critique, and also spend time with our fabulous marketing guru, Julie Ramsey, plotting out the best way to market yourself online. Whether published, unpublished, or just interested in the publishing world, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. --The donation amount is $1500.00

3. Lunch with Deidre Knight at ROMANTIC TIMES convention 2007, April 23-25! If you're going to be in Houston, this is a great chance to get personal career guidance and consultation. Donate $300 to Julie Ramsey, and we'll be chowing down together in fine style! :)


--You must send an email to
--You must be the first to tell us you plan to donate, and we will contact you to give instructions about the donation. DO NOT DONATE FIRST WITHOUT CONTACTING US OR HEARING FROM US--this opportunity will go to only one walk supporter, so to keep this fair, follow instructions!!! CONTACT US FIRST. (Wow, you get it?)
--You must be flying from within the Continental US in order to participate. Sorry, we love our readers in Shanghai and Sydney, but we just can't fly you in!! :)
--You must be eighteen.


Blogger Deidre Knight said...

Okay, Jules, the graphic is just THE BEST. :) GO SUPPORTERS!!!

We still have some major prizes left... who is game? :)

Saturday, September 9, 2006 at 9:14:00 AM EDT  

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