Monday, June 11, 2007

Must Know Monday

Today we browsed some of the useful blogs out there. It really is amazing how much you can learn about the publishing world by just taking a peek at a few of these a couple of times a week.

The bookstandard posted a great summary of the role of online booksellers.

Over at Diana Peterfreund’s blog she is giving a GREAT primer on some of the industry basics. A WONDERFUL resource to the sometimes intimidating world of publishing.

Hoping to get your book reviewed by one of the “big guys”? Head on over to writer beware to check out one reviewer's take on the dos and don’ts of getting someone to take note of your upcoming title.

For teenager by teenagers. Yep you heard it. Over at they have reported on the newest idea aimed at the grabbing the YA audience's attention. Check it out!

And finally, a friendly reminder from our very own Nephele Tempest. Nephele is 100% right here folks, this is serious stuff!

We hope you find these as useful as we do. Have a great rest of the day today, and come back tomorrow to read about all our new releases.