Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Arts Criticism in Trouble?

Happy Wednesday everyone! Well, as you have probably noted, we have picked this day for guest bloggers and topics that are business related but not hot and heavy publishing news. So, for such a big preamble, today's topic is about print criticism on the arts being in trouble (I dunno, you tell me?! Is it?). Earlier this week, Elaine found an interesting article and emailed it to the agency.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution (Atlanta's super paper) is "restructuring" and basically buying syndicated arts criticism and letting go many of its mainstay critics. I do find a tie with this movement and the push for e-publishing here in the book business. So many print publications (books included) are going digital to satisfy our ever growing computer/web savvy audience. Also, this means that our book reviews will be more and more dependent on syndicated and the HUGE lists like New York Times and USA Today. How will this affect the book publishing business and our readers? Your opinions welcome!!


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