Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Blog Post From Tommy Newberrry

As you know it is a good feeling to finish and submit a completed manuscript. That feeling is only surpassed by seeing the finished product in the marketplace getting into the hands of readers who will help spread the word. I just finished my second book which only hit bookstores a couple of days ago. It’s called The 4:8 Principle and is published by Tyndale House Publishers along with an updated and revised version of Success Is Not an Accident, which has sold over 100,000 copies through good, old fashioned word of mouth. The 4:8 Principle is about improving the way you think. After all, behind everything you do is a thought. When you improve your thinking your life improves as a natural consequence. Change starts inside your head. It sounds easy, but in my coaching practice, I have observed that most people prefer to try to change everything else first before they finally get serious about changing their thinking.

In my first book on success, I wrote about getting what you want in life. In The 4:8 Principle, I am writing about “wanting what you get.” In my observation getting what you want seems to come easier to most people than actually enjoying it. The 4:8 Principle will show you how to shine the spotlight of your attention on what is working in your life, instead of what is missing, broken or deficient.

Due to our human nature, we live in a society bent on highlighting what is wrong with just about everything. This is so common that most people hardly even notice it anymore. Good news does not make the front page. A seventy percent chance of sunshine is expressed as a thirty percent chance of rain. A dictatorship is defeated yet a lack of perfect peace is the big story. Voting occurs in Afghanistan and newspapers around the country make “possible voter fraud” the headline.

Church goers walk out of Sunday morning services like Broadway critics, discussing what they did and did not like about the sermon, rather than considering what God was trying to say to them through that sermon. Kids bring home report cards with some A’s, B’s, and a C and parents go on and on about the C as if the better grades didn’t exist. It is possible, if you try, to pick away and find fault with just about anything or anyone. When you organize your thought life around Philippians 4:8 (The foundation of this book), you trigger the master key to mental discipline and the rich blessings that unsurprisingly come with it. The apostle Paul gives us a clear list of what to think about. When used as a filter, this New Testament verse is the secret to focused, constructive and goal-directed thinking. When you follow The 4:8 guidelines, your attitude, your relationships and your emotional well-being improve dramatically. It is the REAL secret to a joy-filled life. Thanks for spreading the word!

Tommy Newberry is the founder and head coach of The 1% Club and author of The 4:8 Principle.


Blogger Pamela Harty said...

Congratulations on The 4:8 Principal. I couldnt help but notice that you were on Barnes and Noble Top 10 Bestseller List yesterday and today. Way to go!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007 at 12:20:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Kathleen MacIver said...

I just thought I'd say that this versse has always been one of my favorite... and one that I've never understood why it is so roundly ignored by so many Christians. I won't say that I've lived my life by this verse, but it is definitely one that has had a major influence on my life, and I've only seen good from it!

Sooo... I think it's wonderful that a book has been written on this verse... one that has been written well enough to reach as many people as this one has.

God bless!

(And thank you KA, for agenting this author. My romance novel isn't inspirational, but it IS written from a Christian world-view, and the fact that you also work with Christian authors is the main reason that you're on my list of agents to send queries to, once I get the novel polished and the dreaded query letter written!)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007 at 3:25:00 PM EDT  

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