Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Take Home Tuesday

What a wonderful way to start out the new year -- with books!!! Check out these releases which are now available!

As Owens' multifaceted saga, The Summoning, continues, the sorcerers get an unexpected bonus: two for the price of one in the form of twins...Events continue to darken in this intricate fantasy world, the stakes keep rising, and losses become inevitable. Strong characterization combined with deadly danger make this story vibrate with emotional resonance. Stay tuned as events accelerate toward the final battle.

Twin sisters Bri and Elizabeth Drystan each have a special gift for healing, but they've taken very different career paths. While Elizabeth has pursued a medical degree, Bri has taken a more unorthodox and holistic path. Both of their gifts are sorely needed in the world of Lladrana, as the Dark has launched a deadly new plague.

Everyone believed vampires were extinct. Everyone was wrong.

When Ariel Swanson wrote a novel about vampires, she hoped it would exorcise her fear of the creatures that had, not so long ago, terrorized the human population.

Instead, it brought her to their attention.

And to the attention of Jachin Black—a man banished from the Saguinas, a vampire pack, and forced to hunt among the despised humans. For he clung to the prophecy given years ago, of a better way for his kind to live—a prophecy Ariel unknowingly used as the basis of her novel.

Ariel hates and fears vampires. Jachin despises humanity. But the prophecy—and passion—binds them in ways they could never have imagined. Ways that may heal the past, and change the future...

This is one super-sexy wedding night these five women will never forget! Meet the lucky bridesmaids:

A totally hot FBI agent offers his full-body protection to very willing witness Bridget Donahue…

Stripper Leah Muldoon bares it all for a sexy stranger in a limo, much to their mutual satisfaction!

Wild big-city attorney Mia Natale is in for the best sex of her life. But who is that other guy?

When dancer Vanessa McKee unexpectedly sees a man from her past, they rediscover their insatiable lust!

A breathless night in the arms of a seductive European lover should definitely spice up Gloria Santori's marriage….

Andy Greer is just minding her own business selling ladies footwear when Rotham City's infamous AAAAH -- or The Association for the Advancement of All American Heroes -- comes to kidnap, er, collect her.

Clarke Khent, the world-renowned Collector, comes to collect Andy with the declaration that she biologically related to one of the most famous crime fighters in the history of crime fighting and now, because her DNA matches, she must participate in a program to determine if she too has special abilities.

Uh, thanks but no thanks! Andy's only superpower consists of hunting down her favorite prey -- Jimmy Choo shoes. Labeled an "unwilling" and thrown into a class full of descendants who really are related to crime-fighting hierarchy, Andy's left in a hot mess of tests and classes she's told will hone her supposed skills. Which is caaaa-razy because Andy has no super anything. Except for her growing super -attraction to Clarke Khent, now one of her instructors, and someone who's totally off-limits to unwillings like herself.

But evil lurks in the heart of Rotham City.

It wants Andy. And her Jimmy Choos too...


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Happy release day to everyone!

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