Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Julie Kenner's Virtual Literary Garage Sale

Okay, I claimed I was back--and honest, I AM back from NYC--but it's created a mountain of work for me to climb out from underneath.

Still, just had to share something from our paranormal author group, Out of the Blogosphere. Julie Kenner is havinga virtual literary garage sale, selling off items from her past books. All you writers (and readers) come on over and play! :)

Here's the link the old fashioned way!


I'm so glad y'all enjoyed Shelley's piece about perseverance. Shelley is a real life example of how a career can take many turns. I knew she'd have a lot of insights for you. I hope to peruse the comments later this week. But the bottom line I took away from my quick glancing at the thread was this: if you don't write it--and if you don't submit it--it won't get published. It's like an agent who never takes on any clients or sends any material out. You've got to take the steps.

More later today!


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