Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Missing in Action? Query and Submission Lost and Found

Okay, so it's becoming apparent that the Internet, while an amazing tool that allows our agency to respond to queries and submissions much more quickly--and gives us the ability to personalize our comments--has some down sides. If you have sent a query or a submission and fear that either your material or our reply may have been lost in cyber space, this is the place to post to follow up, but only after you have emailed me at If you still hear nothing, post here.

The intention of this thread is to try and circumvent over-zealous spam filters and general cyber-malfunction. Note: we do not ever ignore a submission or a query. Well, I ignore queries that read basically like, "Uh, here's my site. Let me know what you think and if you want to see my stuff." (Usually written about that eloquently.) I decided some time ago that if an author couldn't formulate a pitch for me, that I shouldn't formulate a reply. :) Call is passive aggressive if you will, but I think it's actually a good lesson in publishing etiquette.

So, here is our new course of action if you believe your work is MIA:

Queries--allow two weeks before following up by email.

Submissions--allow eight weeks on partials before following up, and ten weeks on completes.

Thanks! Deidre


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