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First Impressions: April

Well, it's time for another First Impressions review.  For those of you who are new to this, every month we post the first page of a submission and I offer a critique.  Everyone is invited to offer their constructive comments as well.  My notes/edits are in red. 

Novel Title:  MAN-SHY
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Author: Zara Penney

I couldn’t keep my eyes off him.  It became almost embarrassing.  There was something addictive about his face.  Could’ve been the laugh lines at the side of beautiful green eyes.  Could’ve been the cleft in his chin.  A classic Cary Grant chin.
His neck was long with an Adam’s apple which bobbed up and down like the cork on a fishing line (um, not such an attractive image) as he swallowed. He seemed bored, or absorbed in deep thought.  Long slim fingers were absently twirling a crystal wine goblet. He stared into it – mesmerized. (Now, if he's mesmerized then how does he seem bored?)The golden liquid swiveled and glistened like a multi faceted diamond as it caught the light from the wide window beside him. (This sentence seems overdone, is it even needed?  I'd cut.  What type of wine is golden? One usually thinks white or red, yes?)  The nails were groomed to perfection. (Okay, guy with groomed nails drinking "golden" wine out of a crystal goblet...?  I'd wonder.) If not groomed then he was just one of God’s most perfect creatures. God does do it from time to time. (Cut this last sentence, more train of thought.)
Mmmmm he could be about forty.  Maybe older.  Yes definitely older.  Let’s (Who is your protagonist speaking to? This breaks the third wall.) bump him up to 45 (Spell out the number).  Salt and pepper hair was short and practical.   He was the quintessential Polo Ralph Lauren man... (no need for ellipses)
Hunk. (This is a bit much.)

Score:  Perfect Ten. (Keep this, it's enough.)

I looked around the restaurant.  Mine were not the only eyes drawn like lustful greedy butterflies to the eighth wonder of the world currently sitting alone there at a white-clothed table. Maybe he’d been stood up?  He didn’t seem too concerned about it if he had been. 

What sort of man could he be was he?  The mouth was generous.  Given that my Mmother (Mother is a proper name, do not capitalize it when used as a noun.) considered herself a great judge of character - I’d lived a lifetime of warnings.(Very confused by this.)  Never go for a shortie with a mean mouth.  This mantra had seeped into my life.  No matter how much I tried, (Tried what?)short men with mean mouths were off my agenda.  This man was the pinnacle of Mother’s eligible (eligibilty is perhaps the word you're looking for) criteria.

But  that’s why I’m man-shy.  Mother is hungry for grandchildren.

Overall, this was a fun first page.  I was engaged by the writer's voice and I honestly liked her protagonist.  Just be careful not to "speak" to the audience. 

The last sentence was great.  But I'm not sure why, if she's man-shy, she's checking out the guy.

I have questions, but I'd read on.

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Blogger Keriann Greaney Martin said...

I thought this was an intriguing introduction. I wanted to keep reading to find out who this man was, why the main character is staring at him, and why she was MAN-SHY.

The way the writer described this man made me think he was pompous, and a bit feminine. I didn't really get what was so great about him. But that could just be me.

Thanks for sharing this critique!

Thursday, April 7, 2011 at 10:40:00 PM EDT  

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