Thursday, May 05, 2005

A Worthwhile Reminder

I’m amazed by how this blog’s popularity continues to explode, as our daily hits increase with every passing day. But I do want to remind our visitors that on my author blog I’m also discussing publishing issues—perhaps in a less nuts and bolts manner than I am here. Since it’s my “personal blog” as opposed to the agency blog, I find that I’m able to be a little less formal. For instance, this week I posted about a publishing lunch, the first in an ongoing series where I plan to report on trips to New York and elsewhere.

Click here to visit my other blog:
Deidre's Author Blog

We’ve also been having a fabulous discussion on a couple of these recent post threads. I’d like to direct your attention to both:
submissions and queries

pitch me if you can

I’ve been thinking of some kind of blog reader contest in the next month—I wonder what it should be? Perhaps the opportunity to post their pitch on the agency blog and receive a critique? I’m not sure, but I think something along these lines will be fun.

In agency news, I hear that SISTER SURFER has arrived at the publisher’s offices, and in fact, my own fab copy is supposedly winging its way toward me. For any women who have wanted to learn to surf—or for guys who want a different perspective—check it out.

Here’s their website:

Much more to share, but will save it for my next post.


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