Monday, July 31, 2006

RWA Wrap Up and a HUGE Announcement!

Well, before I even give a brief recap of RWA, I have to share our massive news! We have a new website! Thanks to the very careful, creative work of the brilliant Julie Ramsey, check out our new web presence! You'll notice that not only are we launching a new site, but an entire writers' community. Our hope is this will truly encompass the community we've already been building here for some time!! Let us know what you think. I'm sure you can guess we are all VERY proud!

The New Amazing Knight Agency Site!

RWA was as intense as ever, with so much excitement and action for all of us at TKA. I'll leave the major recapping to Julie and Elaine and others, but we were just delighted to see so many clients and friends, some of whom we'd never met before. We were really fortunate to have a KILLER suite, that was basically a penthouse suite, complete with kitchen and dining room and several bedrooms and a wonderful view of the Atlanta skyline. This allowed us to entertain clients, editors and friends away from the madness, though the suite itself was constantly abuzz with ringing phones, cell phones, people laughing and so forth. It sums up the conference nicely that I was never once in the suite alone. A single time!

To say that I'm tired today would be a huge understatement. Generally it always takes me a few days to regroup from working fifteen hour days and working, working, working. I basically lost my voice on Saturday night just from the sheer act of talking so much!

I do have some fun pics and will be posting those later this week.

Let us know what YOUR RWA highlight was!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The new website is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! :)

Monday, July 31, 2006 at 1:53:00 PM EDT  
Blogger The Girl You Used to Know said...

Miss you already! And you KNOW I love that new site!

Monday, July 31, 2006 at 3:00:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Lis said...

Beautiful new website!!

Monday, July 31, 2006 at 3:44:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Maureen McGowan said...

Highlight? I wish I could think of a lowlight :-)

But seriously, meeting you and Pamela and Elaine, and Julie and Nephele and all the TKA clients. That was the highlight for me.

Thanks for throwing us such a fabulous party!

Monday, July 31, 2006 at 4:25:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Maura Anderson said...

Great new site!

Hmm - highlights had to include meeting you and the Agent Cartel panel.

- Maur

Monday, July 31, 2006 at 7:57:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Patrice Michelle said...

AWESOME website, TKA!! I'm so sorry I had to miss RWA this year. Sounds like you all had a blast. :)

Monday, July 31, 2006 at 9:09:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I agree with Bonnie, the new site is fabulous. Eye-catching, easy to use, chock full of info...I'll be a daily visitor.

Highlight? Well, it was a Tuesday-to-Sunday whirl of highlights, but I'd have to say the best series of moments were meeting Nephele, Pamela, and Deidre all in a row (though I did meet Nephele briefly last year and Deidre at the literacy signing before that {g}).

Honestly, I was privileged to see Deidre several times, mostly speaking to crowds, and was amazed at her energy. Non-stop. No WONDER TKA is such a success!

Monday, July 31, 2006 at 9:50:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Cole Reising said...

WOW!!!! I really love your new look at the web site!!!! Incredible!


Tuesday, August 1, 2006 at 8:10:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Kristen Painter said...

The new site looks fab! I can't pick a single highlight, so I have to mention several: meeting Elaine, shopping with Elaine, the TKA party (those pralines), the St. Martin's party, crashing the Harlequin party, the Diva dinner at Azio's...too many great moments to recount them all!

Tuesday, August 1, 2006 at 8:30:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Jaci Burton said...

The new website is BEAUTIFUL! Congrats to TKA on all your amazing successes.

RWA looks like it was a blast! I'm so sorry I had to miss it all

Tuesday, August 1, 2006 at 8:59:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Marley Gibson said...

The new website is tres fabulous! Really reflects the professionalism and personality of all you wonderful ladies.

Highlight of the conference? The Penguin Putnam party, crashing the PRO dinner to hear Deidre speak and then tagging along in the posse to the Harlequin party and dancing the night away with agency sistahs Melanie, Maureen and Janice and hanging with Julie and Elaine. (Watch out for the Amazon Bookseller Man who slings people off the dancefloor, though! LOL!!) was all fabulous! Thanks for throwing such a WONDERFUL party at the office!

Tuesday, August 1, 2006 at 9:20:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Monica Burns said...

Julie REIGNS!! AWESOME website girl! Awesome! Your hard work shines through.

There were so many highlights at National...meeting Deidre for the first time was soooo totally inspiring. Then when Pamela intro'd herself at the TKA party and asked who I was, I stuttered and stumbled as I tried to figure out which name to give, my real one or pen name. *sigh* *grin* The party was totally excellent dudettes. And don't be surprised if you come to work one day and the office is missing. As soon as I can arrange for the house movers, that building is GONEEEE! *grin*

I was thrilled to also be able to introduce Deidre as the guest speaker at the un-PRO event, although I realized later that I totally forgot to include the rest of the team! Oy!

Now I'm off to get my butt in gear for a writing blitz.

Tuesday, August 1, 2006 at 10:28:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Julie Ramsey said...

Thanks so much for the happy words about the website. We are sooo excited about it! I LOVED seeing and hanging out with y'all at the conference! After a few drinks, my southern accent comes out so I hear...

And, if anyone was wondering, the glitch in the submissions link is now fixed. :) Your emails should no longer be returned. Our web guy is FRIGGIN amazing.

I miss all of you... so much.... sniff sniff

Tuesday, August 1, 2006 at 11:22:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Julie, you did a great job with the new site. Way to go.

Wish I could have been in Atlanta. Hope to meet some of you again next year.


Tuesday, August 1, 2006 at 4:42:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! Awesome website! Love it.

Highlight? Well, it was my first book signing eh-vah, and meeting with Diedre, Pam and Julie, not to mention my editor at St. Martin's and the new friends I made in the elevators and workshops, and all the strong coffee I drank to stay up late, not to mention the wine to unwind at the bar and my goodness, this is a bonified run-on sentence... ;-)
Summary: It was great fun!

Tuesday, August 1, 2006 at 7:00:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The new website is excellent!

Wednesday, August 2, 2006 at 4:36:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Janice Lynn said...

Like Mel, I'm missing you guys already. LOVED meeting the TKA gang! Y'all rock, that's all there is to it. Making new friends & catching up with old ones was definitely the highlight of my conference.

The new website is wonderful!!

Wednesday, August 2, 2006 at 10:31:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Trish said...

Love the new site. Very striking and easy to navigate.

For a moment, when I saw the reading group link, I thought the agency was starting one-- and I was like *count me in!! I have to admit I was disappointed to find it wasn't so.


I don't suppose there are any plans in the works. . .

Thursday, August 3, 2006 at 5:59:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Carolyn Burns Bass said...

Hey Knight crew, the new website looks fabulous. But with such stellar material, how can you look bad?

I loved the party and have been craving those pralines...

Carolyn Bass

Sunday, August 6, 2006 at 1:35:00 AM EDT  

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