Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Come Chill With Us!!!

We're chatting with Bev Katz Rosenbaum TONIGHT at 9 pm EST! You don't want to miss out on chatting with the author of I WAS A TEENAGE POPSICLE.

Here's a bit about Bev in her own words:

After becoming famous in elementary school for short stories set in Toronto's smelly but atmospheric Kensington Market, where my father owned a fish store, I decided that writing was my future. Fast forward to Carleton University in Ottawa, where I studied journalism, but quickly decided that fictional people were more interesting than real ones. (Especially politicians. Ugh.)

After completing an Honors English degree at the University of Toronto, I landed a job as an editorial assistant at Harlequin Books, where I rapidly worked my way up to the position of Associate Editor, and won a Romance Writers of America award for excellence in editing.

While working as an editor, I wrote a Serious Romance of my own (called What Friends are For), but decided these books weren't really what I wanted to write. I thought maybe the magazine world was a better place for me. If you've ever read The Devil Wears Prada, you already know how misguided an idea that was. I did run my own cute little literary 'zine for a while, called Slush, which was fun, but it didn't exactly pay the bills. It didn't even pay for a pair of really great shoes.

When Harlequin came out with the comedic Flipside line, I thought I'd found my forté. I promptly wrote Wanted: An Interesting Life, which was published in
April, 2004 to high praise from reviewers. So naturally, the Flipside line
tanked shortly after my book came out, and I was at a loss once again. But while
all this career stuff was going on, I'd married and raised two fantastic kids—by
now, tweens. (Don't leave! I'm not as old as you think!) When I fell in love
with the books my kids were reading, I knew I was meant to be part of the YA
world. (Note: This does not mean I'm immature. Well, okay, maybe it does.)

In short order, I sold I WAS A TEENAGE POPSICLE to Berkley Press,
and it looks as though I'll be selling a few others shortly. So life is good. I
hope to be able to channel my inner sixteen year old for many years to come!