Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Take Home Tuesday

Its another Tuesday, which is fast becoming my favorite day of the week, and we've got some more utterly delightful new releases out today! In today's releases there is enough variety for everyone to find a new favorite read. So get your keys and head out to do some book shopping.

Uncompromising Prescott Personal Securities agent John Pinto liked to do things his way—especially on his current assignment to bring an on-the-run operative out of hiding. But when the sexy Navajo was teamed up with rookie agent Lily Clark, a spontaneous, former Denver cop, he was caught between her passion for life and his desire to get the job done.
As they followed a trail littered with deadly obstacles, John appreciated Lily's independence, but was unwilling to put her life on the line. True, they'd been sent to do a job, but never before had a woman aroused all his protective instincts…or rocked his stringent rules separating business from pleasure.

HIGH-SOCIETY MISTRESS by Katherine Garbera
Flatly refused a promotion by her tycoon father, heiress Tempest Lambert offered her services to his worst enemy. But was it the job she wanted, or just her new boss, the devastatingly handsome Gavin Renard?
He'd made millions as a corporate raider, but taking over the Lambert's retail conglomerate wasn't about business— Gavin wanted revenge. Using Tempest as a pawn in his takeover game was a possibility. Making her his mistress—that was an offer he couldn't refuse.
Making her his mistress—that was an offer he couldn't refuse.

TEMPORARILY TEXAN by Victoria Chancellor

Can An Old-Fashioned Cowboy…
The minute Raven York sets foot in Brody's Crossing, Texas, she knows there's been a mistake. Expecting to find a heritage garden to restore, she lands instead on the doorstep of the town's hottest cowboy, who's fighting to save his family's cattle ranch from bankruptcy.
Find Happiness With A Vegetarian?
Troy Crawford has requested the help of a seasoned rancher to turn the Rocking C around. What he gets is a farmer from New Hampshire, a strict vegetarian who adopts stray dogs and tries to send his calves off to a petting zoo.
Raven and Troy may not see eye to eye about how to run a ranch, but the sparks flying between them are mutual. Can a Yankee like Raven be with a dyed-in-the-wool Texan in a forever kind of way? Or is she destined to be a Texan only temporarily?

HEAT WAVE feat. Leslie Kelly

Basic Beach Necessities: Sunscreen, Umbrella, Pedicure.
A little con...Investigator Lucy Bell is looking for a runaway groom. Fortunately, the almost-best-man (who's tastier than a double chocolate cheesecake) likely knows where he is. All Lucy needs is a little deception...and a whole lot of hot `n' sweaty persuasion!

A little magic...Single mom Allie Cavanaugh has played nice with others for too long. Then Allie finds herself kissing a powerfully magnetic hypnotist at a carnival--in front of an audience! Sure, maybe she's mesmerized, or maybe the "real" Allie is finally waking up...

And a little late-night mischief!Abby Weaver abandons the cool haven of her pharmaceutical basement for a girls-only week of sun, sand and fruity drinks. That was the plan...until Abby finds herself going solo. But the beach is a funny place--you never know what (or who!) will wash up onshore...

WATCH ME by Shelley Bradley

To stop a blackmailer and achieve her dreams, she only had to do one thing: seduce the enemy.
Shanna York was set to achieve her glittering ballroom dreams and become a dance champion—until her dance partner gets tangled up in scandal and blackmail. With the clock ticking and all her ambitions at stake, the last thing she needs is the gorgeous owner of a sex club tempting her with the forbidden.
Or maybe that’s the very thing she needs…
Alejandro Diaz has sizzled for Shanna since he set eyes on her months ago. Her repeated rebuffs will make her surrender that much sweeter. She’s ambitious and driven…but so is he. When she asks for his assistance to ensnare a voyeuristic blackmailer with a video fetish, he doesn’t hesitate to help her stage a bedroom trap. But neither is prepared to face scorching, endless passion, the blackmailer’s real identity—or the undeniable love that grows between them.

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