Tuesday, October 10, 2006

New Release Tuesday

As we move into October, the hits keep coming! Here's to another great round of new releases that are availible in a store near you NOW! You make our library look better by the week!

Simply Divine

by Jacquelin Thomas

In a reverse rags to riches story, Simply Divine introduces us to Divine Matthews Hardison, a spoiled Hollywood Princess whose life is forever changed when she is sent to live with her uncle and his family.

Sweeter Than Temptation

By Linda Hudson-Smith

Sweeter Than Temptation is about a young woman, Rain Madison, who falls for Joshua Renoir, the newly appointed, gorgeous, and very single minister of her church. She doesn't think she's preacher's wife material, and he believes quite the contrary, as he tries real hard to get her to see him as a flesh and blood man and not a halo wearing saint. Once Rain finally begins to believe she can fulfill Joshua's needs, she discovers that he may not be so holier than thou.


by Crystal Green

Her billionaire mentor's invitation to go sailing with his family seemed a timely break for diver Katsu "Kat" Espinoza. Until she saw the yacht's captain--Will Ashton, her treacherous, still-too-appealing ex--and her mentor made a shocking announcement: Kat was his newest heir!
She could handle the angry accusations, the ice-cold shoulders. But when the boat was wrecked, stranding them all on a deserted island, Kat suspected that someone had a more permanent solution in mind. With the survivors looking to her for leadership and Will being maddeningly secretive, Kat considered who among them might be truly dangerous.
Then the survivors began to disappear, one…by one….

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