Monday, February 19, 2007

More Chatting Opportunities!

As the old, old saying goes... Two writers are better than one! At least this couple (Jim and Shannon) believes so. This Thursday we will be hosting the lovely, the talented...

on our TKA Chat Space. Please join us for this fun and informative experience!

Here's the low down:

TKA Chat Space
Thursday Feb. 22nd, 2007
9-10PM EST

Here's a bit more about her..

After spending too many years as an Industrial Engineer, Shannon learned to write from her husband, bestselling author Jim Butcher. She learned writing craft in order to help him with his stories, but found the idea of writing her own too compelling to resist. She lives in Missouri with her husband and son, where conversations at the dinner table are more often about things someone made up than about anything that’s actually happened. Feel free to contact Shannon via her website:

What she writes:


Renowned cryptologist Noelle Blanche refuses to have blood on her hands. So when the military asks for her help in a covert operation, she refuses - until masked gunmen raid her home and threaten her life. Suddenly it’s all too clear that the blood spilled may be her own. Noelle has no choice but to trust the dangerous stranger sent by the military to safeguard her. A stranger who is everything she detests, everything she fears…and everything she desires.


Former Delta Force operative David Wolfe thought he left it all behind—the horror, the hurt, the guilt. But now the men who savagely murdered his wife have set their sights on a brilliant cryptologist who can lead them to the cache of weapons they prize. As passion ignites between David and the woman he’s sworn to protect, what began as just a mission escalates into the fight of his life. But can he prevent history from repeating itself?


More to details to come...


Blogger Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I am so grateful!

I've been reading Jim Butcher's novels for a little while (still have a few to go to catch up) and have been excited about Shannon's since I heard about the sale. So I'm really looking forward to this chat.

But Thursday at 9:00 is Supernatural, and I'm sorry, but nothing will keep me from Sam and Dean.

Thank goodness this week's ep is a repeat!!! LOL I never thought I'd say that.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007 at 7:21:00 PM EST  

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