Thursday, May 04, 2006

Brenda's 2006 JDRF Auction

Time to pull together the writing and reading community to help find a cure for Diabetes. There are some great items up for bidding, including a signed copy of PARALLEL ATTRACTION with embroidered cooler, a 3 chapter critique from Deidre Knight, and a breakfast date with Deidre Knight in Atlanta during RWA to discuss publishing, writing, romance novels, etc... All this can be yours!

Contact me or follow the link if you are interested in donating to the auction.

Check it out. Lots of neat stuff for a great cause!

Brenda's 2006 JDRF Auction
Join Brenda in finding a Cure for Diabetes.
When I'm not writing, I work to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. My youngest son has this disease, which affects millions. Diabetes kills one American every three minutes. It's the leading cause of kidney failure, adult blindness and non-traumatic amputations. It also causes nerve damage, stroke, and an increased risk of heart attack. Life expectancy for people with diabetes is shortened by an average of 15 years.

I don't want this for my son or anyone else's. help with the fight against diabetes, I hold an annual on-line auction every May at My first auction ran in 2005 and was a huge success. Together with my generous donors, which included some of the biggest and brightest stars in publishing, I raised $34,982, which went directly to research. This year, we should do even better. Again, editors, agents, published authors, aspiring authors, friends, neighbors, and concerned citizens are coming together to help me make a difference. I'd like to thank everyone who has donated an item to one of my auctions or stopped by to shop. I hope to make this more successful every year. With your help, that can become a reality.

To encourage bidders, this year I've added a few prizes into the mix. The following fun items will be awarded to the person who places the highest number of bids throughout the auction (May 1st - May 31st):

A 2.5" Pocket Dish (a very cool new item that enables the user to download television shows and movies to a handheld device similar to an I-POD (Retail Value $325)
A silver and diamond tennis bracelet (Retail Value $400)
A silver bracelet from Tiffany's (Retail Value $300)
Two pounds of See's Chocolate (Retail Value $28) **My favorite! Yum!
An autographed ARC of my new book, DEAD SILENCE, due out July 25, 2006
Three matching candlestick holders of varying height for an elegant table (Ret. Val. $100)
Various other surprises

So browse the lists and pick out a few items you'd like to win. The auction is now open, and runs very much like E-Bay. Also, download the flyer I have available on this site and pass it along to your friends and family!

To a long and healthy life!
Brenda Novak


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