Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Nothing Like The Sundance

Ladies and gentlemen, I have returned to Atlanta. Now that I have a constant and reliable internet signal, I can upload lots of fun pictures and great links to the things I did and people I saw during my trip. A couple things to keep in mind. First, I went back into my other Sundance posts and added some links in case you're interested. Secondly, Sundance Film Festival is not over yet. It goes through Sunday. Movies are still premiering, and parties are still rocking in Park City, but as for me, I am home.

Hmm... where to start?

More Celebrities:
Definitely saw Scott Caan, Neil Young, Leah Thompson, Matt Dillon, and Dave Matthews. Scott Caan was in the VIP line for the Motorola Lounge/Party. Now, THAT is the place to be. You want to see some stars...find your way into that party or just stand outside and keep a acute eye through the door. Leah Thompson and Dave Matthews just walked by on the street. Everyone swamped Leah, but Dave walked by one of my friends while he was on the phone, and my pal didn't even notice. Neil Young was walking into a restaurant/bar (I can't remember the name) with his entourage. Someone walked up and asked for a picture with him. Neil Young turned to the guy and said, "I'm sorry. I don't do that sort of thing" and walked into the building. Wow. Alrighty then. Finally, seeing Matt Dillon was a funny story. My sister and I strolled into the Phillips Lounge and started ogling at the nifty products they had displayed (rechargable candles, picture frames that were tiny plasma screens that you uploaded your digital pics on and it would change the pics like a slide show etc...). Then there was Matt Dillon being interviewed on the sofa about 10 feet away. I almost took a picture, but I realized that would be really UNCOOL so I decided to only take the mental pic. One of the ladies of the Phillips Lounge came up and asked for our credentials. After admitting that we had none, she very sweetly apologized and explained that the lounge was closed to the public today and credentials were needed for entrance. We left giggling as we took one more glance at Matt Dillon before heading through the darkly tinted glass door.

As I said in my last hurried blog post, I saw LA TRAGEDIA DE MARCARIO early that morning. It was fantastic. Of course, I studied abroad in Mexico and have a thing for that culture and language, so I knew I would love the film. My sister also enjoyed it quite a bit. The movie was a combination of the director's father's story of crossing the border and a retelling of the tragedy of 2003 when a group of immigrants suffocated in the back of a tractor trailer and in 1987 when the same happened to 18 locked train car because the guy abandoned them. It was a very touching film. We stayed and met the cast and director after the film. What wonderfully sweet and genuine people!

The cast and director (speaking ) of LA TRAGEDIA DE MARCARIO.

My sister and I with the director Pablo.

We also saw the Shorts I at The Prospector. They were really good. Some were weird. Others have stay in my mind even now.

The Prospector (inside)

But wait, there's more...

The Parties:
To get into any bar/party in Park City during Sundance you have to be on "the list". Lots of big companies have a lounge there (Motorola, Phillips, Intel, VW etc...). Now, my sister and I hit it off with the cast and crew of LA TRAGEDIA DE MARCARIO and were invited to their private party at the VW lounge.

VW Lounge

We were put on the list! At the party and the after party at their EXTREMELY nice condo (jacuzzi on the balcony), we were introduced to so many film people! Screenwriters, producers, comedians, upcoming and existing stars... you name it, they were all there. After a very fun night, we were invited to the premiere of the movie in L.A. They were celebrating the distribution deal they had just signed that morning. What a night. 3 hours of sleep was the consequence, but it was SO worth it for the connections and the wonderful friends made that night for me, my sis, and the agency.

Next post will be a pictorial guide to Park City and Sundance... stay tuned!


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Thanks for the commentary. Almost as good as being there. Almost.


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Sounds like a blast!

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